As the B2B Industry has developed and grown over the years, the way marketers and professionals approach advertising has had to change. In a new world, where internet advertising is a vital part of the marketing mix, the performance of online display adverts can be crucial to companies who are trying to reach their advertising goals.

We conducted a study with the University of Chichester, examining the factors that have an impact on the performance of online display adverts in the B2B Electronics Components Industry. The research included interviews with marketing managers and analysis of over 400 campaigns on B2B Electronic Components websites across Europe.

We looked at several factors which could affect the performance of these online display ads, including the advert position and size of the traffic to the website.

The study presented a surprising mixture of results.  A surprising finding of the study, was that the size of the ad unit, has little effect on the advertisement’s performance. Other factors have a far greater influence. Perhaps less surprisingly, the research also revealed that the number of adverts per page is one of the strongest factors influencing the success of CTRs, with sites that have a lot of advert slots reducing the effectiveness of the adverts that run on them.

To learn more and read about the results of the full study, please click here to download the whole report.


Note – this report is no longer available, so contact us if you would like to know more about the ad formats that perform the best.