The Wireless Congress: Systems and Applications event is taking place in Munich from the 15th-16th November this year.  The Wireless Congress shows the importance of “wireless” in electronic development alongside the magazine Elektronik and the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association.

There is a large selection of technical topics that will be  addressed by this year’s event with a range of presentations and tutorials.

In other news,  the European Frequency Control Congress and Exhibition is coming up on 21st November also taking place in Munich. It’s an internal one day event that will help deliver information on advances, trends and the latest scientific research into frequency control products, and the way they are industrialized and applied. Throughout the day an extensive range of tutorials will be held in both German and French, with even the most specialized topics being covered. The conference wants to provide knowledge for everyone in the industry from novices to those with a huge range of experience, there is going to be something for absolutely everyone at the conference.

The exhibition will provide space for exchanging knowledge.  Everyone is welcomed to this part of the day; it is the prime environment for you all to share experiences and present your product(s) to your potential clientele.