At Napier, we are always looking at ways of measuring our PR campaigns to ensure they are effective; so we use a range of tools to make sure that we don’t miss anything! We believe evaluation is very important, and ultimately the key to producing a successful campaign.

AMEC, ICCO and the PRCA have combined their extensive knowledge on campaign evaluation and produced the latest edition of the definitive guide to public relations evaluation. The guide is available on all platforms including tablets, phones and PC. The guide they produced is a very effective tool for PR professionals, to measure and demonstrate the success of their campaigns.

The guide will ensure that PR professionals globally are all striving in the same direction and aiming to meet the same expectations. We are strong believers that if you aren’t able to measure something how can you be sure it was successful?

The AMEC framework ensures that you plan campaigns in a way that produces measurable goals and targets as well as showing the impact to the campaign will have by measuring what is most important. Using the framework to understand your brand and the objectives that you want to achieve will put you on the right path.

For a more in-depth insight about the framework and its effectiveness in measuring  success visit the PR Professional’s Definitive Guide to Measurement.