HubSpot has further proved its commitment to Europe this year, by not only opening a new Berlin office, but also announcing a new Germany based data centre for 2018.

HubSpot’s findings from a recent survey has identified Berlin as the fastest growing tech city in Europe, with a vast majority of respondents positioning the city as a growing hub for startups and tech companies.

The survey was conducted on consumers who live and work in the Berlin Metro area, and a massive 95% of respondents confirmed that they see the number of technology jobs in the city growing; whilst 90% said Berlin also offers access to the technology and digital talent needed to grow a tech company.

As Berlin continues to grow, it is no surprise that HubSpot has decided to place roots in the city. President and COO of HubSpot, JD Sherman stated  “Opening an office in Berlin is a smart choice – from the wealth of local talent to its growing digital infrastructure, the city offers a great opportunities for us to continue HubSpot’s growth across Europe”.

The announcement of the opening of a Germany-based data centre in 2018, also strengthens HubSpot’s foothold in Berlin, with the company to rely on a facility in Frankfurt to store customer data according to EU legislation. The new data center will provide redundancy as well as outage and data protection for HubSpot customers. Both marketing automation and HubSpot are doing well in Germany and this is one of the reasons why Inbound marketing is a great way to run permission-driven campaigns.; and with HubSpot’s new announcements this is bound to continue being successful.

With this being the 2nd European office HubSpot has opened, it is clear to see that HubSpot are serious about proving their commitment to Europe. As the company continues to grow, they provide benefits to Berlin also, promising to create 75 new jobs over the next three years to meet the rising demand for HubSpot’s software solutions in, and the rapid growth of the DACH market.