ETN has announced that they will be organising the 2nd Annual Embedded Conference Finland for 2018. The event will be held at the Lighthouse at Akavatalo in Pasila on April 12th.

The event will cover topics including IoT, but will focus heavily on Artificial Intelligence including a panel debate on the meaning of AI.

The technology industry is one of the most important in Finland, despite the fall of Nokia after it was acquired by Microsoft. With a newly launched artificial intelligence group which aims to help Finland accelerate the development of new businesses based on the use of artificial intelligence in Finnish companies, it is clear to see the reason why Embedded Conference Finland is using artificial intelligence as the main theme for this year’s event.

ETN has also announced their expansion as a digital magazine as they plan the first ever ETNdigi for the end of May which will focus on the IoT as well as different network technologies and their testing.

To find out more information please take a look at their website or contact either Veijo Ojanperä and Anne-Charlotte Sparrvik .