Twitter is great platform for marketing, but it’s a lot more than just adding some text, a link, and a hashtag. Successful Twitter accounts will reach out and engage with the right people and with the right content. But how exactly do you know what content to share?

Often the best way to learn how to grow your own account is by looking at existing accounts. What are they are doing? And how well is it working?

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Twitter feeds in the industry for you to use as inspiration for your own account, whether it be personal or for your company.

Electric Engineering – @eeportal_com

This account focuses on providing a portal dedicated to electrical science and education. Joining Twitter in 2008, they currently have a good following at 68.8K followers. Electrical Engineering share great educational content from their Electrical Engineering Portal as well from their Electrical Engineering Daily Dose blog. Educational content is great for giving your followers content that is valuable because it’s something that they will gain from and find useful.

Another good tip we can pick up from EEP’s Twitter is the consistent stream of content in their feed. Consistently sharing relevant content will position yourself as a industry expert and give people a great reason to follow the account.

IEEE Spectrum – @IEEESpectrum

IEEE feature all the latest technology and engineering news updates. They’ve been using Twitter since 2008 and have a massive 129K followers, so they must be doing something right. IEEE consistently have a good flow of information, and link to appropriate hashtags and other users. Linking to other Twitter accounts is a good way to increase engagement, and show that you’re involved in the community.

Electronics Weekly – @ElectronicsNews

Electronics Weekly use Twitter to promote its content on the Electronics Weekly website, with most of the content centered on industry news. Looking more specifically at the text in the tweets that Electronics Weekly are sharing, they have a good use of hashtags which will help increase the reach of their tweets, and means that their tweets will come up when users are searching for those key terms.

A pinned tweet might be something that you could consider for your own account, if you’re not using one already. Whichever tweet you decide to pin, it will stay as the top tweet when someone visits your profile until you decide to unpin it. Pinning tweets are a good tactic if you’re wanting to include a bit more information than the bio on Twitter allows, or if there’s a tweet that has been particularly successful and you want more users to see it when they visit your page. Electronics Weekly have used a pinned tweet to highlight the award results from an event, a great way of utilising the feature.


MIT Technology Review – @techreview

Focusing on providing its users with educational content, this account explores all the ways in which our world is shaped by technology. MIT Technology Review have used great imagery in their tweets and coverage image, the power of imagery is often overlooked but it’s key to making sure that your content looks engaging.

Interesting Engineering – @IntEngineering

Designed for lovers of all things engineering, tech and science, this account pulls together fun news and shares about 5 tweets a day. This may seem like a lot of tweets, but if you have enough of the right content then this is a good number to share per day. There is so much content on Twitter that when you share a tweet it often won’t be top of the feed for long; the length of time that a tweet is still receiving impressions in a Twitter feed after the time of the post can also be referred to as the tweets “life span”.

Interesting Engineering’s has varied its content by integrating video marketing into their social media strategy. Video is great content to share because it’s visually stimulating for followers and can often convey messages quicker and more easily. – @EDNcom

EDN are primarily engineering focused, and again successfully use its hashtags to increase their reach. This twitter account has kept the length of tweets short, which is important for Twitter, as often too much text will not be read. Unlike a social media platform like LinkedIn, where adding more text to a post works better.

Writing tweets about current and topical events is a good way to engage with your audience. Below is an example where EDN has discussed an important date of Technology history, as they mark the first American spacewalk during the Gemini 4 mission.

All About Circuits – @AllAboutCircuits

A good description of the content you are sharing in each post is key, your followers should be told exactly what it is you are sharing and what they are supposed to do with it. In the tweet below, we can see what the topic of the content is, appropriate hashtags, and a short description in the link.

Sometimes interacting with other accounts on social media can be overlooked by businesses, but it is still an important tactic to make sure that you are liking, retweeting and commenting on relevant industry figures posts. It shows your followers that you are active in the industry community, and that you’re aware of what is going on and current hot topics in the news.