The Electronic Components Supply Network (ecsn) have invited members to the ‘Powering Innovation Workshop’, in an effort to help them investigate how they position their organisation for innovation and revenue growth.

Presented by Dr Dave Richards, the workshop is designed to inspire members, and provide a framework to embracing a more strategic approach when leading innovation within their organisation. Aimed at the leadership teams of ecsn, the workshop will investigate some of the latest thinking and practise on innovation and how it may be practically applied to their organisation.

Dr Dave Richards is a globally recognised and published thought and practise leader, who has previously helped organizations achieve their full potential for all kinds of innovation; including new product development, technology applications, business improvement, customer engagement and open innovation.

It is encouraging to see that the ecsn association is providing support to their members, by trying to help them drive innovation within their organizations. With the workshop due to take place on the 29th November 2018, I look forward to hearing the positive feedback the workshop is sure to receive.