A series of roundtable discussions and a special focus on IoT security will be two of the major features of this year’s WNIE Live, taking place from 18th-19th September 2019.

What’s New in Electronics (WNIE) Live is a comprehensive 2-day event covering the whole spectrum of the electronics, embedded, design, manufacturing and engineering industry.

Experts from Hitex, Arm and NXP will be presenting the half-day IT security seminar on both days of WNIE Live, closing with a panel discussion.

“We are delighted to be able to work with the WNIE team to deliver a seminar that focuses on the IoT and security”, said Trevor Martin , Hitex’s Arm specialist. “With the rapid growth of cloud servers, the issue of security surrounding these latest devices is more critical than ever. Our links with other industry leaders such as NXP and Arm enables us to guide all our customers in delivering secure, agile solutions.”

WNIE Live attendees will also have the chance to hear leading industry experts give their views on the latest trends and challenges in a series of round table discussions. Topics to be covered will include Industry 4.0, AI & Robotics, 5G for Manufacturing and the skills gap.

Attendance is free of charge and the audience also has the chance to ask panelists their own questions.

The launch of this seminar coincides with the re-location of WNIE Live to Stoneleigh Park in the West Midlands.

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