elektroniknet.de, a WEKA FACHMEDIEN publication, has announced that it is now extending its reach into the Chinese Market, by not only delivering content in Chinese, but also offering advertisers the opportunity to specifically reach the Chinese market through its subpage elektroniknet.de/chinese. 

This move is particularly important for WEKA FACHMEDIEN, as China has been the most crucial trading partner for the Federal Republic of Germany since 2016 – and Germany is the most important European trading partner for the People’s Republic.

At Napier, we think its great to see an electronics publication expanding into the Chinese market. With elektroniknet.de already achieving impressive performance figures (the website received a total of 12.17 million page impressions in 2018), this decision can only bring further opportunities for companies to increase their global reach; and we look forward to seeing the results it provides for both advertisers and companies.