Here at Napier, we thought it was about time that we provided some insight into what life is like as part of the Napier team. With this in mind, we’ve asked different members of our team to share what they get up to on a day-to-day basis and the different elements of their role.

First up is Rob Furby, Creative Services Manager at Napier.

Why did you join Napier?

Having originally come from a vehicle signage/design studio which focussed on B2C consumers, I was looking for a slightly different challenge that would utilise my existing skillset, and also allow me to develop in all aspects of my knowledge, in order to deliver creative projects for clients. Napier offered me a job that ticked all these boxes.

Tell us a bit about your role. Is it challenging, interesting?

My job is never the same on from one day to the next. There is always anticipation of what new projects could be on the horizon. Being involved from the customer brief all the way to the finished project, allows me to see how these projects develop through their lifecycle. Being in contact with the client throughout this process allows me to pass on ideas and talk through the benefits of certain decisions. I also work directly with Account Managers on client projects and collaborate with the Business Development team on internal projects, which consists of content ideas and brainstorming.

I often have access to the finished design that I work on, which gives great satisfaction but also provides great insight when evaluating how successful any project has been.

My greatest achievement to date is creating a 2-minute animated video project, which was used as a global sales tool, helping to promote a flagship product.

What is a typical day like?

My typical day starts by going through emails, to identify key tasks that need to be completed. I usually have a good idea of the priorities for the day by around 10am, but things can often change in a moment’s notice. The ability to reshuffle tasks is key when planning, and vital for my role. I often liaise with my colleagues to check for any upcoming projects, to help with the allocation of resources across the entire agency.

As I head into the afternoon, I get stuck into current project tasks (often accompanied by a biscuit or two), and I check out any interesting features or articles based on the industry or creative content to help keep up to date with current trends. The afternoon is usually more hectic than the morning, mainly due to last-minute requests. Towards the end of the working day, I try to tie up small projects/tasks to get them off the list, which always makes the next day feel less stressful.

How long have you worked at Napier? Have you experienced any opportunity for growth?

Napier’s specific Technology B2B industry focus was a new challenge for me. Napier has a wide range of Tech clients so there was a lot of product learning and understanding. All the roles at Napier have flexibility so areas of particular interest could be explored and developed, allowing a broader service capability to clients. Having worked at Napier for over 13 years, I have seen the company not only grow, but also thrive within the industry. This is reflected in my promotion journey at the company. I started as a Creative Artworker, for which I predominantly handled artwork files and generated further projects based on these guidelines. As our clients identified the need for bespoke design solutions, I became a Graphic Designer. At this time my knowledge and breadth of skills had expanded to help identify the clients’ needs and how best to communicate these ideas either verbally or through concepts. Not only have I expanded my software skills but also during these years I have built up a good understanding of the Napier processes and the industry as a whole.

To reflect this change, I have been promoted to Creative Services Manager. This role requires me to not only produce creative ideas/projects but also to run the design department in terms of resources/scheduling, as well as being financially aware and making conscious business decisions.