Callie, Account Manager, is the second team member to take part in our ‘Life at Napier’ series.

Read the blog below to discover what Callie gets up to on a day-to-day basis, and what encouraged her to join Napier in the first place.

Why did you join Napier?

I recently joined Napier as a Junior Account Manager. I previously worked for a PR agency in London and was looking to relocate and leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind. I found the role at Napier and haven’t looked back!

I wanted to find a role that would support my professional development and have a clear structure in place to help provide me with opportunities to grow and excel in a career in PR, and Napier has just that.

There’s a system in place for each employee to manage their time, which also allows for reasonable flexibility around appointments (we all know how challenging it can be to get a doctor’s appointment in the first place, let alone trying to fit it outside of the 9am-5pm life!); we are able to discover what is profitable; and who is at capacity with workload and needs help. There’s also a good system to shout about achievements and to highlight any challenges you may be facing to the management team. These systems were massive selling points to me as it shows Napier cares about each individual employee, celebrating their successes and helping when there are challenges, and developing their skillset to help the business grow too.

Tell us a bit about your role. Is it challenging, interesting? Explain a few of the key tasks which are your responsibility.

Having previously worked in mostly the consumer industry, I was unsure of how to adapt to a role in B2B tech. With knowledge of PR, an interest in technology and a very supportive Napier team, I’ve found it easy to adapt! The Junior Account Manager role utilises my existing skills and has given me a snippet of what is possible in just a short few months with Napier – I’m working across multiple accounts and managing a few projects – and I’m looking forward to a rewarding career here. My favourite part of the job is the satisfaction of delivering a client campaign that meets and sometimes even exceeds the clients’ expectations. Of course, working with a great team helps things too.

What is a typical day like?

As a Junior Account Manager, my day to day activities are usually similar but the focus is constantly changing. I get into the office around 8.30am and often have a chat with colleagues while I get myself set up and ready for the day. I check my emails and make a note of action items that will need to be developed and highlight which ones need to be actioned immediately. These tasks can range from briefing a writer for a press release or article to producing a client project, often involving research and ideas, to setting up calls or meetings with clients, with many other interesting items in between.

I then start to action the immediate items and if there is nothing that is clearly marked as a priority, I focus on my task list and pick out what will need to be done first. This is based on work colleagues may need from me or something that I know will have a domino effect so need to keep progressing quickly.

Some days, my time is broken up with set meetings, like internal planning meetings or weekly client calls. Other days, things pop up that need to be dealt with or a non-routine meeting is set that I need to attend. Due to this and the different task loads, there are no two days the same which I think is a very exciting part of working at Napier. In fact, within my first week I was out at a two-day meeting with a client. At first, I was a bit apprehensive as to how things would develop with me being a new person on the account. However, it was a very successful meeting with lots of new ideas discussed, which we are implementing now, and ultimately, the client was very happy!

For some people, it’s so easy to become bored in an office role and that is never the case at Napier. You can be out at meetings with clients or editors, travelling internationally for various events or working on a really interesting campaign that challenges you, but you know that the hard work will be worth it and it’s really rewarding once you start to see the results.