DFA Manufacturing Media has launched a new online portal and social media information resource, under the brand Smart Futures. 

With current publishing titles such as Drives & Controls, Plant & Works Engineering and Hydraulics and Pneumatics, DFA Manufacturing Media has launched Smart Futures to provide readers with an opportunity to learn and stay up to date about smart technologies across all sectors.

Offering an immersive and interactive experience, Smart Futures aims to support the ongoing digital transformation currently being seen across the UK and globally, for a wide spectrum of sectors, including manufacturing, medical, building, agriculture, energy, security, transport and materials.

The online portal will explore emerging best practices and will focus on being an information resource centre with the aim to provide readers with insights on a range of digitalisation topics.

Here at Napier, we are always happy to see a launch of a new publication.  It’s clear to see that there is an ongoing shift as more publications invest in digital alternatives, and it’s great to see DFA Media Manufacturing launching Smart Futures to address this digital change.