The last couple of years have been unprecedented, and companies have been faced with challenges to adapt the way they communicate with customers, with statistics, numbers and facts becoming a defining element of communication.

Rob Furby, Creative Services Manager at Napier, shares how this shift in communication has affected the current landscape of graphic design, and what trends can be seen, as marketers adapt their approach. 

Large Typography

Large typefaces faded away but are now becoming popular again. Brands want their visuals to make an impact and large font sizes are now the preferred method. A large font can help a campaign stand out in a busy digital world, as companies compete for the same space. Large typefaces, are not only a fun style to develop but also can add some personality into brands. Large typography is also extremely easy to implement into a multitude of campaigns such as logos and digital/printed material.

The example below shows the impact that a bright colour can have set against a lighter background.

Serif Fonts have Made a Comeback

Fonts play a crucial role in the world of brand design. The font landscape is also constantly changing.

2022 has seen a return to more traditional and classic font choices, such as serif fonts. Sans serif fonts are still popular – but they have been a bit overused. As a result, we’re seeing companies turn to serif fonts and even handwritten scripts for branding visuals. This is a great way to visualise tradition while also appearing elegant and sophisticated.

Below is an example of where Apple has used a serif font called Apple Garamond – serif fonts can be a good choice for brands that are setting trends rather than following them,.

Fun Data Visualisation

Data visualisation or ‘datavis’, is the future of business strategy and it is changing in front of our eyes. Gone are the days of carefully filling in graph paper squares by hand – modern datavis will trend more towards being fluid, and capable of accurately portraying data sets.

Customers are now more comfortable seeing charts and graphs in everyday professional situations so make the visual more engaging and memorable but in a fun way.

The infographic below vividly brings to life some important data about water consumption, making clever use of graphical symbols and pictograms to drive home its message.

Colourful Icons and Illustrations

Colourful icons and illustrations are being used as a way to promote personality into branded visuals. This style breaks the monotony of a photo-focused social media approach, which makes them a great style for grabbing attention.

Colourful icons and illustrations are also a great way to add a fun and approachable style to your design.

Icons featured in the image, lead the eye to your content or menus. For maximum effect and visual appeal, they should adopt a consistent style.

Custom Brand Visuals

In the past year, there has been a rise in the use of custom photos and illustrations, most notably, in web design. Companies and designers alike are looking for ways to add interest and creativity back into their designs.

There are a few main reasons for this. The first of these is the ability to customise photos and illustrations to help brands stand out from their competitors.

Secondly, custom visuals are much more engaging than stock photos. When people see something that looks unique and personal, they’re more likely to engage with it. The main drawback of this approach is the time and resources required to produce these branded visuals, however, this is time well spent.

There is so much visual ‘noise’ online, that it is more important than ever for businesses to find ways to be individual. Custom visuals can provide a way to achieve this.

Vivid Neon Backgrounds

The trending style for background colours changes every year. 2022 has seen a rise in the use of neon backgrounds – loud, bright and attention-grabbing.

Neon backgrounds are being used, especially in new logo design trends that use these neon colours. One downside of neon background creation is that these can be complex to produce. You will need someone on your team with strong design skills if you want to create unique visuals yourself.

The Rocka website, as featured below, builds its full website design on vivid neon colours which change as the visitors scroll, ensuring they stay engaged.

Branded Memes

Personality can be hard to promote in B2B digital marketing, but memes can be a great way to display this as well as being able to add humour to a brand. Branded material can also be easily repurposed which can help build an instant connection with their audience.

The biggest positive is being able to get your brand in front of people in an inexpensive way.


The graphic design landscape is continually changing, and it will be interesting to see which trends are a passing phase, and which are here to stay. It’s clear to see though that a combination of style and processes are needed to make an impact.