AspenCore has announced that it will hold a Green Engineering Conference from September 13th-15th 2022.

As the world’s ability to reduce energy consumption relies significantly on the electronics industry, semiconductor manufacturers and other electronics companies are making binding commitments to be carbon-neutral or to meet other energy-saving benchmarks; both in terms of their own operations and in terms of the products they design and manufacture to help their customers meet their sustainability goals.

With the focus on achieving these commitments, AspenCore has launched the Green Engineering Conference, to provide a platform for members of industry, academia, and government agencies to come together to discuss the challenges that must be overcome and to work on collaborative solutions.

Topics for the conference will cover subjects such as:

  • Advances in controlling or minimizing energy consumption in semiconductors and electronic systems (power electronics, processors, tiny ML, energy harvesting devices)
  • Advanced energy production, transmission and distribution technologies and techniques (smart grids, renewable power systems, etc.)
  • Advances in specific verticals (e.g., automotive, wearables, data centers, edge IoT, bitcoin mining, consumer electronics, etc.)
  • Government frameworks for encouraging solutions (defining challenges, setting goals, creating incentives, etc.)
  • Materials science (developing and choosing sustainable materials in product development)

It’s encouraging to see AspenCore providing a platform to educate and support the industry with the challenges that lay ahead for the engineering sector. The finer details of the conference are yet to be released, but sponsorship opportunities are available by contacting Director of Sales, Laurie McElroy at