2022 has marked the 50th Anniversary of AspenCore’s publication EE Times.

With the first issue published in 1972, EE Times has been a leading publication in the industry, delivering news and analysis for electronics engineers.

To commemorate this anniversary EE Times will run anniversary promotions through to the end of the calendar year, with a focus on theme and editorial perspectives which will look back over the past 50 years, as well as exploring what the future holds for green engineering and manufacturing in a silicon-based world.

50 days of original news articles and analysis will also be published from September 26th- November 7th 2022.

Here at Napier, we are always delighted when publications reach milestones, especially those as big as their 50th anniversary. There’s no denying that times have been tough for publications in recent times, so it’s great to see that magazines such as EE Times are still going strong.