Be a part of our B2B Tech Publications Outlook Survey

As 2016 heads to a close, here at Napier we like to look at the predictions for the future, especially in relation to B2B Tech publications and what 2017 might have in store.

This is why we have created the B2B Tech Publications Outlook Survey, to learn what B2B publications aim to focus on in 2017. We aim to discover the answer to the continuing question, of whether print is still relevant to publications, or if online media now has the majority of their focus, as well as the main objectives of B2B Tech publications in 2017.

A special aspect of this survey, is that we are offering the chance for the B2B publications taking part to receive the answers. This will provide publishers with the opportunity to discover what other B2B Tech publications are planning for in 2017, and what their main focuses will be.

If you are a B2B Tech Publication and are interested in these results, then we would love for you to participate in our survey and provide us with insight into your plans for 2017.

It’s time for our European Tech Marketing Outlook Survey

With 2017 just around the corner, it’s time for our annual European Tech Marketing Outlook Survey. Every year, this survey produces exciting results, providing Napier with the most recent information on how B2B companies aim to spend their 2017 European marketing budget.

The survey aims to explore not only just B2B company’s budgets, but also what marketing strategies are most relied upon, as well as how they use current trends, and the popularity of social media channels to their benefit. It is also extremely interesting to see what direction B2B companies are choosing to head in, for 2017.

But, here at Napier, we take it one step further, offering B2B companies with the opportunity to receive the results of the survey. This provides them with a great opportunity to look into how other B2B companies are planning to spend their European Tech Marketing budget, and the importance of certain objectives for 2017.

If you feel this is something you would like to be a part of, then please click here to gain access to our European Tech Marketing Outlook Survey for 2017.

PSDpuzzler Tests the Experts

Often it seems you are no longer rewarded for the knowledge you attain and learn within our industry. It has become, rightly so, an expectation of our experts or clients to be confident in their knowledge of the industry or their products. This was why I was pleasantly surprised to learn Power System Designs, have produced a crossword puzzle called PSDpuzzler, available in print, and more importantly online.

This fun and unusual idea allows access to both experts and clients to put their knowledge to the test. It provides a twist of fun, with the online version providing a timer, hints and the ability to pause and save the puzzle. You can also use the solve button to reveal the answers, which shows you how many of your answers are correct and providing a red outline around the ones that are wrong.

PSDpuzzler introduces an element of competitiveness, pushing people to strive to be the best. It can even create friendly competitions between others, as they attempt to get the most right. With the crossword updating monthly it keeps up to date with the newest updates within our industry, as well as testing your knowledge on key terminology and products.  It’s nice to see that even though PSD doesn’t offer a physical award, experts and clients alike can feel good about themselves when they succeed in completing the crossword.

The use of this unique idea is sure to boost Power System Designs reputation, presenting them as a serious leading technology company, but who are also not scared of being different from others. This provides an element of competiveness and entertainment on their website, making them distinctive from others.

This is a clever, and entertaining move from Power System Designs. They have provided an amusing, and clever crossword, unique from other websites, and I hope many will take this chance and put their knowledge to the test.

My life as Napier's latest Intern

When trying to find a summer placement, the first thing you have to ask yourself is what can you learn from it?  You want to be inspired, to learn how the real working world operates outside of university. A summer placement, especially at a marketing agency, allows you to begin to apply the skills you have been taught in class, to real life situations. This was one of the many reasons I chose to apply to Napier.

More about me

I am a second year student at Bournemouth University, beginning my third and final year in September. I am currently studying Communication and Media, which promotes itself as a diverse and broad course. My course allows me to learn knowledge about all aspects within the media, including advertising, PR and marketing. This was the main reason I chose to study my course, due to it allowing me to learn all the different skills sets needed within each section of the media. I believe this leaves doors open, allowing me to study in depth the main areas that interest me. My marketing units stood out from my other studies, and sparked my interest into discovering how marketing works in a real life agency. I was interested in how campaign strategies are proposed, and what skills are used in ensuring it is a success. This is why I made the decision to do a marketing placement over summer, so I can explore my interest and passion for marketing further.

Napier is one of the leading integrated B2B technology agencies, so it was obviously a very exciting opportunity. Napier provides exposure to all aspects of the Media and I am excited to learn what skills are needed within marketing and PR to succeed in this industry.

Getting the most out of my placement 

Throughout my eight-week placement, I want to learn how Napier operates as a company, by understanding the importance of how a team works together. For example, I would like to learn and recognise the importance of the team briefing each other on their key projects, and look forward to understanding what each individual members of the team contribute to Napier.

Throughout my time here I aim to improve my skills within both PR and marketing by learning how campaigns are handled throughout the company, and the importance of the team maintaining a respectable and close relationship with their clients. I also want to learn how Napier provides the best customer service they can to their clients, and what they do to make sure their clients are satisfied with the work they deliver. I am looking forward to learning how Napier solves problems for their clients, and how they brainstorm their ideas for different campaign strategies.

Throughout my time here at Napier I will put 100% into any task given to me, to ensure I get the best experience in all aspects of the media, and hopefully expand and improve my skills within marketing and PR. I would also like to feel more confident within my abilities, and acquire skills that I can use in the future after I have graduated.