In the digital age, it’s understandable to ask, “Is there still a place for traditional PR?”… and the answer? Undoubtedly yes – traditional PR most definitely has its place. You might think we’re biased as a B2B Marketing and PR agency but we see the value in traditional methods through the results of our campaigns that ultimately translates into a European sales advantage for our clients.

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Traditional doesn’t mean old fashioned

When we talk about traditional PR what do we mean? News or press releases, editor briefings and print editorial are all still valid and valuable ways to communicate a brand message as they create interest and demand attention. This is a vital part of the sales process as it starts the ball rolling. Yes, digital media has seen huge growth and is tremendously popular but depending on the industry, different tactics will reach different audiences. If your target audience prefers the print approach, despite trying to move with the times, writing a blog promoting your amazing ‘solution’ to their ‘problem’ won’t create the desired results. That said, once you have a press release written, you can distribute it in whichever way works best for your audience, whether that’s in print, online or both!

Does anyone read press releases?
YES! So often businesses take for granted that their news or achievements need promoting. The art of writing press releases is a fine one, but don’t let that put you off. If you don’t have anyone in-house, speak to an agency and hire a professional and you’ll be glad you did. A compelling, well written press release, pitched in the right way will open doors and paves the way for strong media relationships – Perfect for laying the foundation for longevity. The more consistently you issue newsworthy stories the better your reputation and the more your brand gets noticed. The key here is consistency not frequency. Our 20+ years of experience have shown that issuing press releases develops a level of trust and confidence that is vital when businesses – your potential customers – are making a purchasing decision.

How does a press release affect my sales figures?
It not as simple as being able to attribute a single press release to boosting sales (unless you are Apple) but PR needs to be seen as part of the wider sales process. Issuing press releases is the start of the sales funnel, your publicity is responsible for driving interest to another source where prospects can find more information about your company, such as your website. Press releases are also a great way to announce your news internationally. We see first-hand the positive influence that a local language Press Release can have on a regional EU campaign. Delivering international news locally can have a positive impact when there is a local sales person to handle leads generated from local language PR. This tactic works really well for growth orientated businesses looking to expand their customer base in Europe.
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