Incisive Works has released a report which provides valuable insight into IT decision-makers and the tech marketing that they respond to. Titled ‘B2B Tech Marketing: Are Tech Marketers Delivering What Decision-Makers really want?’, the report gains information from surveying 181 IT buyers, 153 business technology marketers and interviewing specially-selected IT buyers and marketers.

With opinions differing from across the industry on the best tactics to make IT decision-makers respond, this report has produced a definitive picture of the current state of the market, challenging previous perceptions of the industry that marketers may have held.

Probably one of the most surprising reveals in the report was the change within the buyer’s journey. In 2018, IT decision-makers will not focus on the features of the technology, but will direct their attention to how products help them achieve their goals to improve business effectiveness.

The report reveals that business drivers are now the key force in motivating IT decision makers, with 21% of respondents stating cost savings as one of their key reasons to be investing in new tech.

IT Tech buyers said that professionals, peer-level contacts and product websites are their main information sources, with buyers claiming that when they are interested in a product, they want to see cold, hard facts on what the specific technology can do, rather than a long drawn-out less than informative conversation.

A notable change in the industry is the importance of influencers in the decision-making unit. IT buyers commented that often marketers fail to be successful because they always approach the top of the chain, when many rely on their team around them to provide the information and research first before making any decisions. 55% of respondents disclosed that they were involved in the decision-making process, from inputting their opinions to contributing background information and research on the tech in question.

Although surprising, it seems that there are now layers to the decision-making process, and often this will start on the lower half of the business chain with some interviewees commenting that they will always hand their team the opportunity to research the tech, and will listen to their advice before making a final decision.

The report also features research on marketing tools which found that many tech marketers were now using marketing automation. 20% of respondents are using HubSpot, and 17% are using Marketo. This is not surprising considering how much marketing has changed in the last few years, with a firm focus on lead generation, conversion and revenue.

Although there is the worry that the customer is forgotten due to technology, there is no denying that IT buyers can benefit from these marketing automation platforms.

It is obvious to see that the industry is undergoing a change, and this report offers a window for tech marketers to seize opportunities and update their tech marketing to reflect the current state of the IT market.

Note this report is no longer available. Contact us for more information about how to optimise B2B campaigns.