It’s no secret that LinkedIn has significantly increased in popularity over the last couple of years, with B2B marketers flocking to the platform to take advantage of LinkedIn’s specific user base for strategies such as lead generation or to make use of LinkedIn’s publishing platform, as a way to give old content new life.

A staggering 92% of B2B Marketers were recently reported as leveraging LinkedIn over all other social platforms, yet it’s surprising how many companies have still not made the step to integrate a LinkedIn marketing plan into their campaign strategy.

With over 303 million LinkedIn users logging in each month, LinkedIn is one of the fastest-growing social media networks, and provides ample opportunities to marketers looking to target different audiences with specific messaging.

At Napier, we are seeing more of our clients buy into LinkedIn and see the great results it provides for themselves. (Check out our ABM case study to see what I’m talking about) But for the B2B tech marketers who are still on the fence, we wanted to share our top 5 statistics which we believe prove why LinkedIn should be part of your marketing strategy.

45% of LinkedIn Users are in Upper Management

As many marketers can relate, often the biggest struggle is ensuring that specific content is getting in front of the right target audience. Unfortunately, often time and resources can be wasted talking to people who are not influential when making a decision within the company.

According to the latest statistics, in 2019, LinkedIn counts 90 million senior-level influencers, 63 million decision makers and 10 million C-level executives amongst its members.  This data not only reinforces LinkedIn’s vision ‘of all professionals in one place’ but proves that LinkedIn is the right place to get in front of the right people.

The Average Decision Maker Reads 10 Pieces of Content Before Making Their Purchase Decision

Content seems to be at the heart of every marketing strategy, and it’s no different on LinkedIn. In fact, there are 9 billion content impressions in LinkedIn feeds every week.

It’s clear more than ever that customers are evidently doing research online before they buy and are increasingly turning to LinkedIn to get the content they need to make the next step in their journey. With the average decision maker reading 10 pieces of content before they make their final purchase decision, LinkedIn offers companies the opportunity to provide regular content to their target customers, tailored specifically to solve a problem.

If done right the results can be great, with studies showing that 43% of B2B marketers have sourced a customer from LinkedIn.

46% of Social Media traffic is coming to B2B company sites from LinkedIn

On average, studies have revealed that a staggering 46% of social media traffic going to B2B company sites is from LinkedIn.

As B2B marketers make LinkedIn a focus for content distribution, it is pleasantly inevitable that the traffic to your website will grow. Using LinkedIn to link to gated content on your website for example, will not only increase traffic, but also provide quality leads, as the combination of LinkedIn’s advanced audience targeting capabilities and relevant content, can ensure that this increased traffic will convert into leads. In fact, 79% of marketers say LinkedIn is an effective source of generating leads.

LinkedIn InMail has a 300% Higher Response Rate than Email

LinkedIn InMail is being hailed as a new revolutionary sales tactics for B2B Marketers, achieving a 10-25% response rate, 300% higher than emails.

LinkedIn’s ‘sponsored’ InMail’s offer a new channel of communication for companies to interact directly with target decision makers, outside of their saturated inboxes. These sponsored InMail’s offer a unique channel for getting your message in front of high-level decision makers; and with features such as push notifications which alert your target customers when they have a new InMail, to the optimal time feature of only sending InMail’s when your target is online, it’s clear to see why this channel of communication is so effective.

LinkedIn is 277% More Effective for Lead Generation than other Social Media Networks

Social media is often a huge contributor to a company’s lead generation efforts, and a recent study from HubSpot found that LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook and Twitter.

The truly great element of LinkedIn is that professionals from all industries are investing time in the platform, and LinkedIn’s range of targeting features from sponsored updates, account-based marketing and InMail’s, means it’s easier than ever to focus on target segments of your audience with tailored ads, content and images.


If LinkedIn advertising is something you are looking to implement into your marketing strategy for 2020, or something you want to know a bit more about, why not get in touch today and find out how we can help you.