Napier was recently invited to participate in the B2B Marketing Agencies Benchmarking report 2020, and we were delighted to see that this year we have moved up in the league table!

Here at Napier, we take the approach that size isn’t everything, and we are focussed on pitching our business to the right type of clients, where we know our knowledge and deep insight of the market will help our clients’ campaigns achieve maximum impact. It’s great to see that this approach has resulted in us ranking higher in the league table.

Managing Director Mike Maynard, was also invited to write a feature for this year’s report, where he discusses what agencies need to do to avoid clients taking their work in-house. To read the feature for yourself, get in touch with us for a copy of the interview, or click here to get your own copy of the full report from the B2B Marketing Magazine… Don’t miss us we’re on page 56!