Here at Napier, we understand that there are various elements a company has to consider when onboarding to a new marketing automation platform, and often companies are so eager to get going that they don’t stop to think about the simple tasks such as naming conventions.

Whether you are someone who has worked with marketing automation for a long time or someone who is new to automation, a common theme we often hear is that they wished they had taken the time to set up a naming convention from the beginning.

It’s important to decide on an internal naming convention that the entire team will use. This will ensure organisation across the entire company and will provide a streamlined view of all your assets, allowing for quick filtering to find exactly what you are looking for.

As the system becomes more complex with further elements, your organised naming conventions will allow you to provide insightful reports, and clearly identify which asset is performing the best; as well as reducing the error of risk, if you are sending multiple emails in different languages.

Napier’s Marketing Automation Naming Convention Tool provides a clear layout of what your naming convention could consist of. All you need to do is fill in the relevant data and watch the tool do the rest! Try it out now, and get it in touch to let us know if it has helped you.

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