Content Marketing

Great content marketing does much more than deliver sales messages to your prospects. We breathe life into your content, collaborating with you to generate attention-grabbing content that your target audience wants to engage with again and again. This tactic moves people through the buyer’s journey by providing valuable and relevant information to a targeted audience, taking them from awareness to opportunity in less time.

Content Strategy

Napier’s B2B content marketing services enable clients to deliver creative and engaging content to drive a prospect through the sales funnel to maximise conversions. By utilising Napier’s content marketing services with our marketing automation, we can create an effective content marketing strategy and deliver results that significantly impact your lead generation campaigns.

“Content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign”
– Jon Buscall

Online Content Marketing

A combination of thought provoking copy, eye catching images, engaging video and audio; we work with clients to create cross platform bespoke campaigns, to ensure they are seen as the thought leader in their industry and the preferred supplier. From white papers to webinars, we create content that simply demands attention.

Content Marketing: Combining Marketing Disciplines

Content marketing for B2B companies is much more than simply generating white papers. In addition to identifying the right topics and generating the content, we help our clients get that content to their audience through seeding, promotion and SEO. We integrate marketing automation to ensure contacts downloading the content are captured and are nurtured to help them move from awareness to opportunity in less time.

What Makes Us Different

  • Napier has a large team of specialist writers who can deliver high-quality technical content for clients in all our markets
  • As a leading Inbound agency, we apply these techniques to enhance our clients content marketing campaigns
  •  Our Pan-European expertise means we specialise in delivering multi-lingual content-driven campaigns

How We Deliver Content Marketing

  • We work closely with clients to understand their business goals and the challenges facing their target audience.
  • Our in-house technical expertise and our roster of experienced writers and designers means we produce high-quality written and visual content that is valued by prospects and customers.
  • Our marketing automation expertise allows us to ensure we maximise the value of any content marketing campaign.

Case Studies

Developing Microsite to Promote a Coding Standard

Developing a site that enabled developers to either request the entire coding standard as a PDF

Re-purposing Content for Lead Generation

The Back to Basics eBook was Vicor’s number one lead generation tool

Creating a Video Newscast Channel

Announcing Microchip's products in a way that would supplement their press releases

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