Passionate, creative and results-orientated. Napier crafts campaigns that build your relationship with influencers throughout Europe. With accomplished technical writers, specialist translators and PR professionals with unequalled media relationships, our PR impacts dramatically on your target audience, raising awareness, changing perceptions and driving action.

Additional PR services

Although we all now work and live in the digital age, traditional PR most definitely has its place. Most of our clients issue regular press releases and each year we gear ourselves and our clients up for press briefings and product launches in the UK and across Europe. As technology PR specialists, over the years we have built strong and lasting relationships with publishers and editors and our clients often reap the benefits of these ongoing relationships.

Press Conference
A German Press Conference in Progress

Campaigns Driven by High-Quality Content

Generating content that is valued by your audience is the key to effective PR campaigns. With in-house experts and a large roster of outstanding writers and translators, Napier creates content that your prospects want to read. In addition to using media relations, we amplify the impact of this content with inbound marketing, SEO and social media to ensure that your PR activities deliver the best possible ROI.

“Great journalism will always attract readers. The words, pictures and graphics that are the stuff of journalism have to be brilliantly packaged; they must feed the mind and move the heart.”
– Rupert Murdoch

Portfolio of PR Services

In addition to media relations, our comprehensive PR service includes:

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How we deliver the service

We work closely with clients to build a deep understanding of their technologies, products and markets. Our four-step process creates compelling PR campaigns that engage journalists and deliver powerful messages to your audiences. Clear campaign plans and data-driven analysis means we have an agile approach that continually enhances the campaign to exceed your expectations.

What makes us different

  • In-house technical specialists that understand B2B technology.
  • Outstanding journalist relationships in the UK and across the whole of Europe.
  • Proactive reuse of content to deliver the best return on investment.

Case Studies

Providing Regular Interesting and Relevant Content to Drive Traffic

The PowerBlog pages count for some of the highest page views on the Vicor site

Raising the Profile of a British PC Manufacturer

To raise Novatech's profile as a UK manufacturer of IT equipment

Launch of Data Centre Management Tool

Contacted over 60 key editors and invited them to meet with Avocent spokespeople at regional press tours