Napier: The Awareness to Opportunity Agency

Delivering results for B2B technology clients in the UK, Europe and beyond

Yesterday’s marketing doesn’t work in today’s rapidly changing business-to-business and technology industries. We have a better, award-winning approach. Our ability to identify what’s important and strip away the irrelevant helps our clients, who are some of the most innovative and fastest growing B2B and technology companies in the world, achieve their business goals sooner.

Our unique four-step approach designs and continually optimises campaigns that convert awareness to opportunity more quickly, increases your prospects’ momentum through the funnel.

Our knowledge of B2B technology audiences is deep and driven by data, and we offer specialist teams for content generation; media and analyst relations; paid media; digital (including ABM and marketing automation); and a graphic design studio.

Content Generation and Distribution

Demands for higher-quality content to cut through the noise push the costs of creation higher, while the huge variety of channels for content distribution today makes it essential to deploy multi-channel campaigns. These trends make traditional siloed marketing thinking – where campaigns are categorised according to channels such as PR, digital and social – ineffective.

Napier approaches campaigns by considering content generation and content distribution: the yinyang of modern marketing. Our dedicated content team and design studio create compelling content that can be reused across multiple channels, using the latest interactive formats, to build campaigns that deliver the best possible RoI.

The Napier 4-Step Process

Napier’s unique four-step process is designed to optimise B2B tech PR and marketing campaigns. It takes the best research on effective ways to deliver great PR and marketing campaigns and distils it into four simple steps: DETERMINE, FOCUS, DELIVER and ENHANCE. See how our 4-step process and marketing expertise helps our clients move prospects from awareness to opportunity more quickly, delivering measurable results that help them achieve their business goals.


Our Reach

Napier covers the UK, Europe and North America. We have offices across the UK and in the San Franciso Bay Area in America. We deliver global reach through our membership of Eurocom Worldwide,  a network of specialist B2B technology agency partners that spans the globe.

Work for Napier

Looking for an exciting challenge at one of the UK’s leading B2B marketing agencies? If you value the same things as us: trust & openness, quality, improvement and commercial awareness, we want to hear from you. Check our current vacancies, or email us to find out if we can make a position just for you.

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